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Tough as a Tiger - Where the Mantra Began

February 1, 2021

     On December 12, 2020 it was a day like any other. That is, until we received a call from one of our foster caregivers in a panic. She had just witnessed a little kitten get thrown from the window of a moving vehicle and hit by the vehicle behind it. Without hesitation, she turned around and risked her own safety to get him from the road. Our team sprang into action to prepare for his arrival as we had no idea what condition he would be in. Upon arrival, he was in much better shape than we imagined but we still rushed him to the nearest emergency hospital to ensure there were no hidden injuries.

     Our team was blown away by the support we received from the community for this little kitten. Our original post reached OVER sixteen thousand people! The level of support and willingness to donate to our small organization was beyond heartwarming. Many of you may know the kitten we are writing about, but to those who do not… This blog entry is about our very own “Christmas Miracle” named Johnson.

     With the help of the community, we raised over $1,000 for Johnson’s care. Over the course of the next few weeks, he had various visits to the veterinary office where we learned the extent of his injuries: road burn, a degloving injury to his lower lip, anemia, and swelling to his back leg. Through all the traumatic events of his life, Johnson remained one of the most affectionate kittens we had ever met. He loved every single person he met. Although he had many humans to love on him, just like most other kittens, he wanted the companionship of another feline. Johnson’s foster went on a hunt to find him a stuffed animal that was close in size to a kitten to keep Johnson company. She found the softest little tiger and that was the birth of Johnson’s mantra… Tough as a Tiger.

     While the origin of “Tough as a Tiger” revolves around one kitten, the reality of rescue is that there will always be another ‘Johnson’. In honor of Johnson, the kitten that never stopped fighting, “Tough as a Tiger” will become the official mantra for Tiny Toes Kitten Rescue. We are all tough as tigers on the inside. We simply must persist. Keep moving forward. You have got this.

     These days Johnson, who is now named Jacob, is living the pampered life with his family. He shares a home with two humans, a few other cats (two of which are TTKR alum!), and a few dogs. He is happy and he is thriving!